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Tanasbourne 76 Touch-Free Car Wash

Utilizing the latest Touch-Free Carwash Technology

(What is 'Touch-Free?')

We wash all vehicles, from Porsche to Suburban. Lexus, Expedition, Mercedes, BMW, Acura, Hummer…
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South of Hwy 26 at the Northeast corner of NW 185th & Cornell Road

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What is a 'Touch-Free Car Wash?'

Exactly what it sounds like: a car wash that doesn't touch your car with brushes, rollers or cloths as it cleans. During our your wash, only soap and water touch your vehicle's surface, avoiding paint swirls, scratches, or other body damage. When your wash is finished, our trained staff will hand-dry your vehicle to prevent streaking.

Is that the same as a 'touchless' car wash?

No. 'Touchless' refers to a cloth wash that doesn't use the old weed eater brushes or heavy chamois style cloths that were notorious for breaking off antennaes, damaging body moldings, and leaving ghastly swirl marks in a car's paint. But, it is still a cloth wash. Ours isn't: only soap and water touch your vehicle's surface during the wash.

Will this car wash damage my car's finish?

No. Any car with a properly maintained finish and without existing damage with not be damaged or scratched by our Touch-Free system.

What size vehicle will fit in this car wash?

Any vehicle 88" tall or smaller will fit. Vehicles that are lowered or that have wide tires must consult a manager before entering wash.

Should I lower or remove my antenna?

Only if your antenna is higher than 88".

How does this car wash work, anyway?

We use a 2-step presoak process mixing the most technologically advanced soaps with soft water. Next, your vehicle is washed with water at a pressure strong enough to only remove surface dirt.

Do you offer any specials with your wash?

Yes. See our Tanasbourne car wash and gas-up specials here.

Why is your wash more expensive than a cloth wash?

If you compare a standard cloth wash with our standard wash you will find that you get much more with our wash: 2-step presoak, wheel cleaning, and a hand-dried finish. That's a great value!

Do you have car wash coupons we can purchase?

Yes. We offer books of 10 coupons for both wash packages @ $1.00 off per wash. That's $10.00 in savings overall.

What about bug guards, running boards, or other after-market exterior equipment?

Although we do not accept responsibility for non-factory equipment on vehicle, including wheels, this wash will not harm them if they are properly installed.

Why doesn't your wash leave swirl marks?

Because your vehicle is washed with soap and water, not cloths. Cloths pick up dirt and sediment from other vehicles and cause the cloths to become coarse, which causes swirling in paint.

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Tanasbourne 76's Touch-Free car wash for Hummers, SUVs and luxury vehicles

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